Articles, reviews and other publications about municipal police in Russia and abroad

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here all materials on various questions of a public initiative, foreign experience, a role of municipal police in a law-enforcement system, realization of an initiative are collected

Articles, reviews and other publications about municipal police in Russia and abroad

After on social network VKontakte the group of our initiative was started, the first participants joined us, publications of materials on subject and other questions relating to the subject of municipal police connected with our initiative began.
Today more than 40 reviews and articles are published already, part of them is devoted to studying of foreign experience, a number of articles to the devoted answers to the frequently asked questions concerning both our initiative, and subject of municipal police in general is also published. Still a part of materials is devoted to the analysis of foreign and domestic experience in area of law-enforcement activity, their comparison, assessment of opportunities of application.
If you support our initiative or just are interested in this subject, then join us. Subscribe for our news always to be aware of new publications, join our group on social network VKontakte and participate in discussions or offer the subjects for discussions. We will be glad to your offers, amendments and constructive criticism.
For convenience of article are divided according to thematic sections.

Municipal police – the review of foreign experience
in the section articles devoted to questions of the organization and activity of services and divisions of municipal police in other countries are collected. Today 13 reviews where the municipal police in the countries of the former USSR, Eastern and Western Europe, its function, a task, power and an order of interaction with the public law enforcement agencies is considered were prepared and published.
In addition 2 articles with the analysis of foreign experience in issues of activity of local law enforcement bodies and a possibility of use of this experience in Russia are posted in the section.

Role of municipal police in the law-enforcement system of Russia
in this section articles connected with activity of municipal police as a component of a system of law enforcement agencies of Russia are collected. The hypothetical possibilities of municipal police to affect positively various problem directions in life of society caused or connected with illegal activity are mainly considered.
Also questions of interaction of municipal police with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and National guard of Russia regarding joint ensuring public order and public safety are considered.

Questions of a public initiative
articles collected in this section are devoted to answers to questions which were sent us by subscribers and were most often set in comments on articles and other materials published on the website and in group.
Also articles which are written and sent to the website address by our readers and also our responses to these publications are published in the section.
In addition extensive material on historical experiment on creation in Russia of municipal militia in the 90th years of the last century to which sceptics very often refer is posted in the section.

Realization of a public initiative
in the section articles devoted to questions of realization of an experiment on creation in Russia of municipal police are collected. Why such experiment as it has to be conducted in what territory in what terms is necessary. Also questions of what tasks have to be set and reached on each of stages of carrying out an experiment are considered. And also other questions directly or indirectly the realization of a public initiative connected with a practical phase in our country.

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